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 Category >>  Spirituality
About my art
My art was born from the desire to express what you can not express and describe in words, from desire to transmit to the others states of mind impossible to describe otherwise. Follow that through art to create mirrors of the soul and inner gates through which we have access to the spiritual
 Category >>  Animated mandalas
Extatic state

 Category >>  Numerology
Three - the number of the Trinity
three physical states: solid, liquid and gas. Number three is a magic number, is found frequently in mythology and legends, so there were three wishes and magical incantations should spoken three times. It has to do with the liver and spleen. Triangle correlate from sacred geometry and indigo color.
 Category >>  Numerology
Zero - the number of void and emptiness
So any individual aspect related to this magic number gain unlimited valents. Many human spiritual traditions offer techniques and ways to access the transcendence and divinity dipping us in this vacuum. Thus, the vacuum state, can overcome us and dissolve the universal illusion, we can achieve the state of pure consciousness, non-manifestation, infinite potential, we can dissolve in Absolutely. Even if it has to do with death, nothingness, denial, loss and even annihilation
 Category >>  Chromatics
Blue - the color of relaxation
Blue is the color that brings peace, relaxation and recreation. It is a spiritual color that brings peace, understanding and harmony. Blue is soothing and induces inner calm, slow down mental activity favoring meditative and contemplative states . It is a cool color, depth which increases space
 Category >>  Sacred Geometry
Line - Endless symbol
The line is infinity symbol even if it is situated between two points. Mathematically, even limited line between two points is actually infinite because it contains an infinite number of points, no matter how close are the heads. The proof of this statement is made if the line split in two
 Category >>  Sacred Geometry
Triangle - a symbol of fire
Triangles with larger base induce a state of stability, while smaller triangles base suggests a more pronounced movement. It is a good remedy to obtain stability but also dynamism to inert and inactive persons. Penetration increases mental insight and develop memory.
 Category >>  Sacred Geometry
Rays of Wisdom
Love is endless and the end is for those who do not love. Love is born of humility but he loves finds in himself an incomparable greatness. Love is like the wind when you point to others feel him breath, if you stop for you no longer feel at all. Love is a state rather than an act but her presence concealed great deeds. One great love you discover yourself in a greater love you lose yourself. Soul mate is a state, not a person, when you find inside appears outside. Find soul mate your soul searching! Divine world has no limits
 Category >>  Mandalas art 2
Expansion state

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Extatic state

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Extatic state 2

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Extatic state 3

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Extatic state 4

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