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About my art About my art

About my art

My art was born from the desire to express what you can not express and describe in words, from desire to transmit to the others states of mind impossible to describe otherwise. Follow that through art to create mirrors of the soul and inner gates through which we have access to the spiritual, harmonious, sublime world. Art can bring us all the habits of daily life, can help us overcome our problems, opens the door to beauty and to higher states of consciousness. We can overcome such mental patterns that we have closed to others, to nature and the universe.

About my art
In a world where we are continously hunted from all sides, by multiple stress, artistic messages we need to reassure ourselves that make us look at ourselves with relaxation. If my art is savored long enough will discover true inner riches that now do not even suspect. By the nature of consumer society in which we live we used to amplify exaggerated mental activity, often we do not realize that we are locked in a prison of the mind in which feelings and thrill the heart are almost completely suppressed. Art can help us escape, we can reveal its existence beyond mind, beyond the inherent limitations of a life mostly mental.

Because we are so used to living with mental patterns we hold even when we find a spiritual path through which we hope to release it. Even if at some point in our lives, we find many inner aspects, remains tributary mental lifestyle. When we first have the Divine revelations see how our lives change, we believe radical, but after a while we realize that we enter into other types of patterns that ultimately still remain the concepts and creations of the mind. Sometimes we do not even realize and continue to live a mechanical life closed and insensitive to the Divinity Macrocosmic Dance , to the ineffable rhythm of love. 

It is imperative to realize that the mind can mimic everything, can mimic so perfectly authentic spiritual life, spontaneous and natural that we start to believe it. The mind, by its nature, is unable to dance in the Divine rhythm because this rhythm is completely spontaneous and natural, it is impossible to follow the exhortations other than the heart and soul. Mind can not follow the laws and rhythms of Divine than to a very low level... Fortunately inspired art can open us naturally into this mysterious Divine rhythm, we can help us synchronize with our essence, our deepest Self Divine. If we let the heart and soul vibrate and impregnate by thrill of art we discover with surprise that do God's will without even know it. As a child playing naturally will find that everything is a nice, lively and natural, in the garden of Divine Love.

Date: 2014-01-08

Keywords: consciousness, nature, open, beautiful, inner gates, discover, soul, closed, art, universe, desire

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