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Rays of Wisdom Rays of Wisdom

Rays of Wisdom

Love is All, everything that is not Love is an illusion!

Love is endless and the end is for those who do not love.

Love is born of humility but he loves finds in himself an incomparable greatness.
Rays of Wisdom

Love is like the wind when you point to others feel him breath, if you stop for you no longer feel at all.

Love is a state rather than an act but her presence concealed great deeds.

One great love you discover yourself in a greater love you lose yourself.

Soul mate is a state, not a person, when you find inside appears outside.

Find soul mate your soul searching!

Divine world has no limits, who believes that he found the limit becomes limited.

In Divinity all opposites unite, who sees only an extreme becomes extremist.

Do not give the present time for the future, it might not come at all!

The virtuous find paradise the one full of love God finds.

Truth is born from silence and lies hiding in noisy.

Wise Happiness comes from within, fool happiness comes from outside.

Wise King discovers his throne inside his mind.

Inspired artist muse sees inside his heart.

The happiness you find good researching not evil researching.

Wise is attracted by well, running fool from evil.

The wise called people to the Divine and the fool to himself.

Wise out of inexhaustible riches from soul treasure, fool lives in fear that they will end.

Wise knows that the universe did not begin nor end with him fool thinks outside of him universe are nothing.

Rays of Wisdom
Wise draws wise fool runs from mad.

Wise gets along with everyone fool is to war with everyone.

Wise conquer hearts, fool constrain them.

Wise help their fellows, fool wants to rule empires.

Wise lives wonderful, fool talk about a wonderful life.

The supreme truth is only One fools have divided!

Inner wealth flows out, inner poverty springs dry.

Hurry answers questions kills!

Fearful see love as a weakness and heroes extract their power from love.

Evolution of the spirit is from outside gesture by inside gesture.

Freedom of spirit is when the outside the rules enters into heart.

Cheating game of evil is to leave "discovered" outside to better hide inside.

Who sees the evil in his neighbor hides inside, who sees God in his neighbor discovers Divinity itself.

Not love God unless we love in our neighbor, not see God if you do not see Him in our neighbor.

What lies in you will deliver you but if you do not discover you what is hidden will imprison you.

Date: 2013-03-29

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