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 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Blue Energy Reactor

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Pure Blue Energy

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Blue Lotus

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Blue Jewel

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Blue network

 Category >>  Mandalas art 2
Blue star 3

 Category >>  Mandalas art 2
Blue star 2

 Category >>  Numerology
Seven - the number reuniting with Divinity
deeper and more comprehensive than the purely personal. It number transcending of ego and reintegration in absolute. Correlate with Heptagon and the seven peaks star from sacred geometry and blue color.
 Category >>  Numerology
Three - the number of the Trinity
It is the number of love in manifestation, balance and harmony. Here are other fundamental triad example. In millenary spirituality of yoga speaks of three levels of manifestation: physical, astral and causal. There are primary colors, red, yellow and blue. Exists three physical states: solid, liquid and gas. Number three is a magic number, is found frequently in mythology and legends, so there were three wishes and magical incantations should spoken three times. It has to do with the liver and spleen
 Category >>  Chromatics
Violet - elevated and spiritual color
subtle and full of deep spiritual meanings. Violet is the color of the initiated, magicians and occultism. Violet is the color deep, depth. Give us a very pleasant feeling, is very sweet and attractive. It is a complex color paradoxically combining the energy and warmth of red with cold blue. Color is hard to find in nature, that seems to be reserved for special conditions, is associated with extravagant and unusual. Lilac purple, being specific to feminine suggest refinement, grace and elegance, is special and unique. It is a good remedy for atheist people, demoralized
 Category >>  Chromatics
Turquoise - the color of beatitude
Turquoise is a sophisticated color and complex as the mixture of blue and green. The unique combination of effects: calm, relaxation, refreshment, love, abandonment and the ecstatic dissolution make us to declare color of beatitude. It is a semi-cold color
 Category >>  Chromatics
Blue - the color of relaxation
Blue is the color that brings peace, relaxation and recreation. It is a spiritual color that brings peace, understanding and harmony. Blue is soothing and induces inner calm, slow down mental activity favoring meditative and contemplative states . It is a cool color, depth which increases space
 Category >>  Digital art
Blue spirit

 Category >>  Mandalas art 2
Inner blue

 Category >>  Mandalas art 2
Blue constellation

 Category >>  Mandalas art 2
Blue wheel

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