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 Category >>  Sacred Geometry
Pentagon - symbol of human perfection
the link to the planet, the roots, the vitality and the stability. Pentagon pointing up symbolizes the aspiration to the sublime, the ascension to the Divine. It is full of spiritual force, it is complex and dynamic. The Pentagon is related geometrically and symbolically to the five pointing star. Uniting all pentagon points results a star which is a powerful symbol of magic, perhaps the oldest and most powerful of magic symbols. Reversed, the five pointing star is a negative symbol channeling energies downward. Because it has a horizontal line at the base
 Category >>  Spirituality
About my art
to the ineffable rhythm of love.  It is imperative to realize that the mind can mimic everything, can mimic so perfectly authentic spiritual life, spontaneous and natural that we start to believe it. The mind, by its nature, is unable to dance in the Divine rhythm because this rhythm is completely spontaneous and natural, it is impossible to follow the exhortations other than the heart and soul. Mind can not follow the laws and rhythms of Divine than to a very low level..
 Category >>  Mandalas art 2
Blue star 3

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
David star

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Star birth 2

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Star birth

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Blue star

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Mysterious star

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Star birth 3

 Category >>  Numerology
One - the unique God number
all the numbers have gone from one, is the unification of all dualities and opposites, the male-female polarity, up-down, light-darkness, good-evil, life-death . In the tantric spiritual tradition symbolizes the lingam full of force and potency. Number one contains all and start all from it, is totality, beginning and origin, the initial impulse. One also represents individuality, uniqueness. On a personal level, beings are characterized by one are unifying, peace loving, we can say that is simultaneously leader typology, the innovator, the opener roads
 Category >>  Numerology
Seven - the number reuniting with Divinity
Seven is the spirit number, of reuniting with divinity symbolizing belief in God and the higher Divine forces. Tions that overcome land represent and start overcoming spiritual evolution
 Category >>  Numerology
Five - the number of human perfection
Five also represents the middle because it was the middle of the numbers, so it is a number that may enhance and shade valency of other numbers is number of successful combinations. Correlate with the pentagon and five-star peaks of sacred geometry and yellow color.
 Category >>  Mandalas art 2
Blue star 2

 Category >>  Mandalas art 2
Hexagonal star

 Category >>  Numerology
Four - number of materiality
business, due to durability that gives. By assimilating four number vibration or start date and time correlation of four can plan and launch large projects that require durability. Correlates with the square and diamond from sacred geometry and brown and dark green colors.
 Category >>  ET mandalas
Purple starship

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