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 Category >>  Visionary art
Angel of love

 Category >>  Sacred Geometry
Line - Endless symbol
Generate of Creation was made by guiding lines of force. Another aspect, apparently opposite of the line is the connection he makes between points and between forms, Creating bridges and unifies points of view, is the symbol of communion, communications, human relations and the love. Our entire world is based on complex game of lines, richly interconnected lines creates a complex network, a mysterious Cosmic warp in which we are interconnected with all that exists. If we ignore these lines and their secret connection or even "would cut" it consciously or unconsciously
 Category >>  Spirituality
About my art
Sometimes we do not even realize and continue to live a mechanical life closed and insensitive to the Divinity Macrocosmic Dance , to the ineffable rhythm of love.  It is imperative to realize that the mind can mimic everything, can mimic so perfectly authentic spiritual life, spontaneous and natural that we start to believe it. The mind, by its nature
 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Love arise 2

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Love arise

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Eternal in love 3

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Eternal in love

 Category >>  Visionary art
Light Love Land

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Ecstasy of love 2

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Eternal in love 2

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Ecstasy of love

 Category >>  Spirituality
Rays of Wisdom
Love is All, everything that is not Love is an illusion! Love is endless and the end is for those who do not love. Love is born of humility but he loves finds in himself an incomparable greatness. Love is like the wind when you point to others feel him breath
 Category >>  Chromatics
Green - the color of regeneration
Green is the color of regeneration and life. It is the color of nature and vitality, is the color of love and generosity, material and spiritual abundance. It symbolizes fertility, harmony and freshness. There is a specific green called financial green, slightly dark and intense
 Category >>  Numerology
Three - the number of the Trinity
Triad is found in all aspects of manifestation, examples of well-known triad: beginning-middle-end, past-present-future, the left-center-right plus-minus-neutral. Thereby, through reunification, duality comes back to one, for then to give birth to a third. Number three is mystery of love, procreation, reunification, of multiplicity birth and multiplying, has therefore related to creation. Number three is the opening that gives two fruitful possibilities of multiplication and also reunites the dual aspects of the one
 Category >>  Numerology
Nine - the number of spiritual maturity
Thereby, represent maturity and profundity, the place where spirit meets materiality. Being reached a decisive stage in its evolution and has assimilated enough experience so that they understand that the most important achievement is one of the spirit, that only love opens doors to a new existential dimension. Nine returns back to one, but more enriched itself by accumulating all the valences of the other numbers, so closes an evolutionary cycle. Nine is related to other worlds opening with elevated spiritual intuition
 Category >>  Numerology
Two - the number of primordial duality
This number represents two primary forces, universal, original trends, ie attraction and repulsion of dualities, north-south, plus-minus, male-female. In all creation we see this infinitely rich game of polarities, directions, tendencies, this eternal love game's. Every part has a counterpart, this universal law of polarities available can help us in many aspects of life if we understand well and correctly apply. Number two is couple number of forces, if we understand the deep meanings
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