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 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Magic Circles

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Magic of Purple

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Druids magic 2

 Category >>  Mandalas art 2
Druids magic

 Category >>  Numerology
Seven - the number reuniting with Divinity
Tions that overcome land represent and start overcoming spiritual evolution. Seven speaks about openness to the inner depths of the human being needs to be able to penetrate the mysteries of the soul and spirit, of his connection with the universe. It is a mystical number and also magic. Seven abound in religion and occultism, in legend and myths. There are seven wonders of the ancient world and the Middle Ages, the seven natural wonders of the world, but the seven great sins and seven virtues. Week contains seven days, seven musical notes
 Category >>  Numerology
Three - the number of the Trinity
solid, liquid and gas. Number three is a magic number, is found frequently in mythology and legends, so there were three wishes and magical incantations should spoken three times. It has to do with the liver and spleen. Triangle correlate from sacred geometry and indigo color.
 Category >>  Numerology
Zero - the number of void and emptiness
is related to the invisible and black color. If you look deeper, the number zero hides the essence of everything, alchemy and amplify the contents of each manifested aspect thus any number relative to zero gives us infinite. So any individual aspect related to this magic number gain unlimited valents. Many human spiritual traditions offer techniques and ways to access the transcendence and divinity dipping us in this vacuum. Thus, the vacuum state, can overcome us and dissolve the universal illusion, we can achieve the state of pure consciousness
 Category >>  Sacred Geometry
Pentagon - symbol of human perfection
the ascension to the Divine. It is full of spiritual force, it is complex and dynamic. The Pentagon is related geometrically and symbolically to the five pointing star. Uniting all pentagon points results a star which is a powerful symbol of magic, perhaps the oldest and most powerful of magic symbols. Reversed, the five pointing star is a negative symbol channeling energies downward. Because it has a horizontal line at the base, the pentagon means also the stability, thereby enriching the range of meanings
 Category >>  Chromatics
Violet - elevated and spiritual color
Thus, is the most spiritual color after white. It is the color of interiorization, of our Divine essence revelation. It is the color of spirit elevation, of clairvoyant. Violet is color of spiritual depths revelation and communication with spirits from other planes. It is a magical color, subtle and full of deep spiritual meanings. Violet is the color of the initiated, magicians and occultism. Violet is the color deep, depth. Give us a very pleasant feeling, is very sweet and attractive
 Category >>  Sacred Geometry
Square - a symbol of stability and of matter
It fits perfectly with the physical known plan of 3+1 dimensions. It is very useful in any activity which require a solid support, for example in construction. Square offers the math possibility to get by division and numbers configurations, very accurate results, magic, occult mysterious effects that were well known to magicians and initiates in the past. So many variations of magic squares are known that can share amazing series of numbers. Square gives vitality and stability, is a good revitalizing and invigorating the body
 Category >>  Digital art
Magic flower

 Category >>  Digital art
Magic of light

 Category >>  Mandalas art 2
Magic triangles

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Magic squares

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Magic squares 2

 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Magic triangles 2

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