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 Category >>  Spirituality
About my art
If my art is savored long enough will discover true inner riches that now do not even suspect. By the nature of consumer society in which we live we used to amplify exaggerated mental activity, often we do not realize that we are locked in a prison of the mind in which feelings and thrill the heart are almost completely suppressed. Art can help us escape, we can reveal its existence beyond mind, beyond the inherent limitations of a life mostly mental. Because we are so used to living with mental patterns we hold even when we find a spiritual path through which we hope to release it
 Category >>  Mandalas art 1
Expansion of heart

 Category >>  Spirituality
Rays of Wisdom
The virtuous find paradise the one full of love God finds. Truth is born from silence and lies hiding in noisy. Wise Happiness comes from within, fool happiness comes from outside. Wise King discovers his throne inside his mind. Inspired artist muse sees inside his heart. The happiness you find good researching not evil researching. Wise is attracted by well, running fool from evil. The wise called people to the Divine and the fool to himself. Wise out of inexhaustible riches from soul treasure, fool lives in fear that they will end
 Category >>  Chromatics
Green - the color of regeneration
Green color has a cool and refreshing shade, obtained if mix it with turquoise. It neutralizes the color red, and in combination with red, without admixture them give a complex and balanced effect of hot and cold, energy and regeneration. Stimulate growth, normalizes heart function. Because stimulate growth is not generally indicated in the treatment of tumors or cancer. It is a good strong rejuvenating and vitalizing, stimulating the activity of all the organs and functions of the body. Because opening, soothes and harmonizes the emotional level
 Category >>  Numerology
Five - the number of human perfection
Five is the number of human perfection, the human body enroll in pointing up pentagon with five peaks. There are five senses (hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell), five major organs (brain, heart, liver, lungs and kidneys), five fingers on each hand and each foot. Five gives sharp intellect
 Category >>  Chromatics
Turquoise - the color of beatitude
It is the color of summer, youthful color that refreshes and soothes too. It is recommended in the treatment of lung disease in calming and balancing the heart rate, the respiratory breath awareness and balance. It is a color that is related to healing.
 Category >>  Chromatics
Red - the color of energy
Red is a good revitalizing and erotic refreshing. Increases vitality and is an aphrodisiac, stimulating virility and help feminine erotic opening. Increases heart rate, raises blood pressure and breathing frequency. It is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure.
 Category >>  Mandalas art 2
Heart fountain

 Category >>  Digital art
Open heart

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