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About native mandalas About native mandalas

About native mandalas

Natal Mandalas combines power and effects of mandala with natal personal pattern. Like a chart, personal mandala is created based on the date of birth, because of this is a personal mandala. Birthday each of us is actually a personal numerological code intimately linked to what we are, our destiny and our psychological and spiritual imprint.

About native mandalas
Mandala will contain in background basic geometric elements simplified and reduced to its essence and in the second a complex level, like a fractal network which include our full potential. This fractal network is unique and specific to Emrys's works, without this complex network and well connected, personal mandala is incomplete and lacking of power and dynamism should have it.

The basic elements simplify, unify and align our personal tendencies with the universal rhythm, so we can become more balanced and united with everything around us, with nature, with others and with the universe. Fractal Network will enrich us will make us more open to our unlimited potential Divine, we will break the barriers and limitations, we will abandon programs and mental patterns that keep us now in a common and repetitive world. We will be aware of the universal laws and be a good example of how the law works in our case

A third level of native mandalas created by Emrys it is unifying center, generator and emanate, that symbolizes the unification with the Divine, with the center of our being. This mysterious and creative center will always fill our life with energy, strength and color. The intersection of forms and colors are elements that will complete your natal mandala.

Native mandala addresses so our whole beings, at all levels, from the deep subconscious to the conscious level. Mandala will balance trends and energies will help us self-discovery, to discover the hidden meaning of life and will help us unravel the mystery of our destiny.

Practically destiny number (sum of all the numbers in the date of birth reduced to a single digit) creates a seed geometric figure that will be rotated (and possibly moved) in one or two rows by month and day. The other layers will be made on the basis of personal year and time of birth. Each personal mandala made by Emrys will contain one side of math, precise calculated by numbers of birth date and one side artistic, intuitive, made by inspiration.

Native mandala will be created in a few days after the advance payment and will be sent uncompressed digital of 3508x3508 pixels with excellent quality. This format can be printed and designed to very large, practically unlimited. The price of a mandala is 55€ with an advance of 35€.

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Date: 2013-04-11

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