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 Category >>  Cosmic Mandala
Cosmic 1409

 Category >>  Cosmic Mandala
Cosmic 2509

 Category >>  Cosmic Mandala
Cosmic 4168

 Category >>  Cosmic Mandala
Cosmic 7759

 Category >>  Cosmic Mandala
Cosmic 15917

 Category >>  Cosmic Mandala
Cosmic 14002

 Category >>  Cosmic Mandala
Cosmic 5203

 Category >>  Cosmic Mandala
Cosmic 13250

 Category >>  Digital art
Cosmic Spiral 5

 Category >>  Digital art
Cosmic Spiral

 Category >>  Spirituality
About my art
we believe radical, but after a while we realize that we enter into other types of patterns that ultimately still remain the concepts and creations of the mind. Sometimes we do not even realize and continue to live a mechanical life closed and insensitive to the Divinity Macrocosmic Dance , to the ineffable rhythm of love.  It is imperative to realize that the mind can mimic everything, can mimic so perfectly authentic spiritual life, spontaneous and natural that we start to believe it. The mind, by its nature
 Category >>  Numerology
Zero - the number of void and emptiness
Zero is the number that symbolizes void, empty space, virginity, endless, full of potential, environment which can divide the manifest of unique Divine. Also symbolizes maternal matrix, Cosmic Yoni goal from which everything is born, is related to the invisible and black color. If you look deeper
 Category >>  Sacred Geometry
Line - Endless symbol
Creating bridges and unifies points of view, is the symbol of communion, communications, human relations and the love. Our entire world is based on complex game of lines, richly interconnected lines creates a complex network, a mysterious Cosmic warp in which we are interconnected with all that exists. If we ignore these lines and their secret connection or even "would cut" it consciously or unconsciously, greatly deepen us in ego, we separate the other, the nature and the Universe
 Category >>  Visionary art
Cosmic orgasm

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